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Our team  attend every event wearing traditional highland dress and will allow you to take pictures and also participate in a Q&A session!



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Topics covered include-

  • Bagpipe tradition within Scotland.

  • Gaelic vs Scots and their respective styles and uses.

  • Analysis and examples of the main dance styles in Scotland.

  • Historical influences upon Scottish music including the Battle of Culloden.

  • Migration and development of Scottish music across to Ireland and over the Atlantic.

We have a group of passionate preservationists of traditional Scottish music, who take pride in sharing their superb knowledge of musical customs and styles of Scotland. Our team have spent years training as traditional musicians and have performed around the world. We have created a unique experience for visitors to Scotland to experience and live the traditional music and culture of Scotland. 

Each musical style is introduced and explained in a jargon free manner with the non-musical among the group being just as engrossed as the amateur Neil Gows!


We interweave history, songs and tunes to inform and entertain, giving an experience that will leave you yearning for more.  We run our events in Inverness and each event will be attended by two musicians who will perform on a minimum of two instruments.

Our events run in Inverness, the capital of the Highlands, from May through September.  With a tailored and personable approach to each presentation, our team cover the various historical turning points of Scottish music, various musical styles throughout Scotland, and even touch upon the crossover of traditions in both Ireland and Canada.

"Many thanks for the lovely evening you shared with my Anam Cara Tours group. It was a surprise & magical addition to our journey through the Highlands." 


Kathleen, Anam Cara Tours, OR, USA.

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